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madeinhvar 2017 / 2018

The idea of made in Hvar i more than just a shop an atelier or crafts and souvenirs production. Made in Hvar is supposed to be the place where anyone can participate with ideas, services or products to build the center of activities that represent Hvar lifestyle.

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Search your flow

The flow I’m writing about is within us.  It’s the quality of our vital energy. The one  that keeps us going, the one that flow’s through channels within us. Through our body’s it flows and … Continue reading

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Coloring pages

Prints for coloring are available as individual pages or as albums.

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the room with a view

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Yoga is healing oneself, it is joy of practicing, learning and teaching about the body, body movement, anatomy, connections both new and old and creating yoga asana sequences. Drawings, pen or ink on paper and could be an calendar as well.

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It is always a good day to try it. Silver and red design in action, fits in this nature, in the middle of the Adriatic sea . There are contrasts and they fit in. At the same time – beauty and survival, hunting and and waiting, Organic or fabric.

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