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Pencil drawings in different styles, different themes for different contests

I found and submitted on designers web site I found very interesting and motivating.

So I sharpened my art equipment and start drawing again.

After years spent without expressing my own creative side, I exploded in several directions.

Mostly because I finally have a person beside me who supports my efforts and tells me frankly his opinion so we discus it and I always have it on my mind – to share my work with him and to listen what he has to say about it. No, he is not an artist but has very sharp mind and eye, always reflects things in interesting way and I thing I am the happiest women on the planet – having him as a partner. Thank you O.

So, back to the subject.

If you have any creative skill and you like challenges – check the designers web site and search for the contests.

Today I finished and submitted another contest. The theme is illustration for educational book.

They wanted illustration, b/w on putting 7-year-old to bed.

I draw this:

You Got This

Childhood memories. Drawing on kids back, talking about nice things and having warmth good night moment.

It is one of my favorite moments – sitting on my daughter’s M. bed or laying with my six years old partner’s son Z.  and drawing on their back, talking, laughing and petting them. I hope that those nice moments will push them out from difficult days in life and that they will always know how love can be shown, given and taken through simple touch.

Or, there is another version of the same theme:

Susie to bed

Bed time. Talking, imagining, precious mom – daughter moments.

There are rules about how to draw fashion illustrations but following rules is not always best option.

fashion figure drawing

Next drawing is – Idila. The title fits perfectly to the theme and the technique is pencil on paper.

I did different kind of drawings, from croquies to studies: figures, trees, background.

Representing oppositions: active and passive,

nature and architecture,

young and older,

traditional and contemporary,

fruiting and planting.

Idila - pencil drawing

This drawing was made for the contest on 99designs.com

It is a pleasure to draw. To be more precise, it is a need.

Simple traditional tools, like pen on plain paper requires peaceful hand, patience and practice.

Human body in yoga position ( asana) or in a series, sequences built for beginners in yoga were my main themes while my students wanted something more from the yoga – class. So I offered those sequences to them in a first place and then to everybody else, interested in body exercise. On my Etsy shop there are still some drawings left before the new series replace the old pictures.

Graphic novel is next big chapter I opened recently. More than just characters in graphic novel there is all new world of rules to discover. Or to invent.

Fashion model “characters” !

Iva Boras illustrations yoga drawings

Relax and let your hips open and stretch.

Supta badha konasana is physically not hard to keep but there are hidden emotions in our hips, waiting for the opportunity to break through from the “muladhara – chakra – storage” and to ruin the peace of this asana.

It is much easier to “do something” then to “do nothing” as this asana suggests. That is why I am publishing another, more involving yoga pose which have similar impact but keeps you busy with the alignment etc.

It is butterfly pose or badhakonasana:

Pencil drawing

Badhakonasana or butterfly yoga pose.

Love is when he knows whats up and where to find me. When my mood is not an enigma. When he speaks the language only I know. When I’m low and he let me be if I still want to, but there is no need to remain there. Love is mature and childish in the very same moment. It is an up-lifting memory in grey, rainy days.

DECIPHER is the title

graphic novel style

Pencil on paper. Love testament. No decoration. Minimalism.

Let me present you A MASCOT : Ally the alligator

Ally was made for the client who’s job is to dive in dangerous areas where the alligators are.

So I draw the mascot to apply on his business card.

Iva Boras illustrations / logo

Pencil on paper

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