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life made in Hvar


Living on the island all year round was a dream when I went to the University in the capital – Zagreb and later, when I got a good job in the neighbor country Slovenia’s capital – Ljubljana. Now, in 2017 it seems that the dream is fulfilling, I’m moving back to the most beautiful island and I’m excited about that.

Living here means I can restart where I once left and stagnated for a few years. It means that my atelier will turn into the prominent cultural spot on the main square with a few brand new contents. In the backyard of the Boras house, there is a cozy restaurant offering selected dishes and locally produced beverages.

What was good in the past will be featured also in the future. The artists outline-drawing attached with this page is Ivo Boras’s artwork he is one of the artists I admire and respect and I will present his new works in next season.



Hvar town -panorama Artist: Ivo Boras



9 comments on “About

  1. Инна
    August 5, 2011

    Классный материал для статьи.!


    October 2, 2011

    Sweet Iva ,
    We met had a chat on 28.9.11 (eve), about life in Croatia , Art , Sarajevo , I bought several beautiful cards & toured your gallery ! Your father was sitting on the steps resting.Opened your blog , fascinating, good idea to keep in touch with life on that magical island ! Thursday left for Split – city of exceptional beauty & charm , so much to see & enjoy . IF EVER THERE IS HEAVEN ON EARTH COULD IT BE CROATIA !
    Kindest regards



    • madeinhvar
      October 2, 2011

      Dear Stefanja,
      we had really nice chat that evening!
      I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Croatia and thanks for supporting my blog – project 🙂
      Hope to see you again!
      All the best


  3. Jostzj
    November 3, 2011

    am glad about this super post, I am pleased I found this web site on bing .

    In conclusion , give permission me thank you for your patience with my English as (I’m confident you have figured this at this moment ,), English is not my primary tongue therefore I am utilizing Google Translate to form out how to write down what I sincerely wish to say.


    • madeinhvar
      November 6, 2011

      Hi, I am glad that google helped you with english.. while my blog is mostly written in croatian – you will need some more translating 🙂
      keep in touch


  4. Ilse
    August 29, 2012

    Dear Iva,
    Two years ago we visited your shop/gallery in Hvar. We were traveling by boat and we were not sure iif we could bring the art work home safe and dry ;-). I still regret that: you were selling beautiful pictures of the Coratian sea. A few weeks ago I saw some photo’s taken by Igor Andjelic. And I think he is the photographer of the pictures I saw at your shop two years ago. Do you still sell the pictures of the sea? We really liked the three ‘wide’ pictures, they were hanging above each other in your store (over a meter wide, 40 cm hight). Can you help me finding this pictures or contacting the photographer. Thank you so much!

    Kind regards,



    • madeinhvar
      September 5, 2012

      Dear Ilse,
      it is great to hear from you again 🙂
      Igor Andjelic is the author of the photos you are mentioning and I will forward to him your e- mail while he has all the answers about the pictures you like ( numeration, dimensions, and so on)
      Shall you navigate to Hvar again? Hope to see you again 🙂
      all the best


  5. Valentina
    July 24, 2013

    Draga Iva,

    sasvim sam slučajno odkrila ovaj blog i vidjela da živiš malo na hvaru i malo u ljubljani. ja bi točno to! prije nekoliko dana vratila sam se iz Hvara i već mi nedostaje 🙂
    Nigdje nisam našla mail ili neki drugi kontakt pa te molim, da mi ga napišeš. Poslala bih ti nekoliko linkova u vezi sa tvojom galerijom. Pozdrav, Valentina


    • madeinhvar
      July 24, 2013

      Pozdrav veliki, mozes pisati na iva.a.boras(at)gmail.com


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