madeinhvar 2017

Must admit – would need companions, to build the bridges, to make the pathways. To put in the right place and continue where I once stopped. Being disciplined is necessary when opportunities are developing quickly, pointing in the same direction and that is toward the island Hvar. What is visible now is that made in hvar concept is blossoming again.

New. Whole. It’s “Iva’s idea of expressing”.

What I find interesting is what I do in life.

…  illustrate life, to put an accent on what is important. On this blog and on net there are some of my drawings –  illustrations, graphic novels, artworks and so on.

… work in medias as a journalist and broadcasting from here and there.

…  find new purpose through sewing all the stuff around home.

…  enjoy the company of cats or at least some fine artworks representing life with cats.  At the photo below taken on Pjaca, there are cat – mother Crnka Obama and Dagnjica, hers stripped

Introducing myself as a public figure continues after the siesta, after preparations for the season 2017. after relaxing at yoga mat, with lavender filled eye-covers – over the face.

To be continued!



Dagnjica is on the left and her mother Crnka Obama
#cats #mainhvarssquare #hvarpjaca #mycats#photocats


And some exit music from The band – Radiohead. Enjoy.


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