Hvar 21450

life made in Hvar

madeinhvar 2017 / 2018

Would love to have companions, to build the bridges and make pathways together.

The place on the main square is more than just a shop for the postcards and souvenirs

it’s the opportunity for anyone who has something unusual to say or to show.

House at the main square where Made in Hvar  atelier is, should become, as I see it in the future – the center of interesting stuff!


Just few weeks after this post I found an perfect companion who took over the backyard and made an food – heaven inside ! The restaurant name is “K’o doma” translated: “As at home” and the concept is great – information are on this link:





At the photo below taken at the entrance doors of the shop on main hvar’s Pjaca, there are cat – mother Crnka Obama and Dagnjica, hers stripped daughter.

And for the atmosphere there is some music for you –

                                        Exit music from The band – Radiohead.





Dagnjica is on the left and her mother Crnka Obama

#cats #mainhvarssquare #hvarpjaca #mycats#photocats


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