Hvar 21450

life made in Hvar

madeinhvar 2017 / 2018

Would love to have companions, to build the bridges and make pathways together.

The place on the main square is more than just a shop for the postcards and souvenirs

it’s the opportunity for anyone who has something unusual to say or to show.

Made in Hvar, as I see it in the future – is the center of interesting stuff!

What I find interesting and what you can find in the space in this moment is:

…  illustrations – as an accent on what is important. On this blog and on net there are some of my drawings –  illustrations, graphic novels, artworks and so on.

… audio works – “Miracle in Hvar” radio play (drama), broadcasted in Hvar in 2010 about the 500 years old event still important part of tradition,

… made in Hvar is sometimes on the radio while as a journalist I am broadcasting from here and there.

… unique objects for home or accessories, sewn or knitted.

…  in this place you can enjoy in the company of two cats

… purchase artworks representing life with cats.


At the photo below taken at the entrance doors of the shop on main hvar’s Pjaca, there are cat – mother Crnka Obama and Dagnjica, hers stripped daughter.

And for the atmosphere there is some music for you –

                                        Exit music from The band – Radiohead.





Dagnjica is on the left and her mother Crnka Obama

#cats #mainhvarssquare #hvarpjaca #mycats#photocats


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