Search your flow

The flow I’m writing about is within us.  It’s the quality of our vital energy. The one  that keeps us going, the one that flowes through chanells in us.

Through our bodys it flows and rolls in bigger or smaller energy points called chakras and makes living – possible.

The perfection we should work on allowing flow  to streams constantly, equally strong and undisturbed. In reality the flow is rarely optimal, it slows down in certain periods or rushes in others. Then we find it out of balance and we should focus on ourselfs and search for the right methods to heal ourselfs. Balancing the stream – makes the difference between feeling good, living fulfilled or making that one step back whenever we face the trouble.


It’s a game of energy flow where we choose

the symbol, the colour, word, element, animal or whatever you find on the illustration below that attracts you.

The game is based on ancient concept of chakra system which reflects our inner world.

First – choose!


Second – whatever you choosed is attached to some field  in your life

The choice is telling about the activities in certain chakra. To find out in which one is easy – there are the connections…


Third parsearch for the question attached to the chakra which symbol signalizing disbalance. So here are the questions:


Now. There arewers. Nor right nor wrong ones. There are just the questions you can reflect on and there are illustrations, posdcards, recomendations that can help you balance your energy flow through your body. Prana ( vital energy) should flow freely .


Muladhara… If you choosed red, nose, square…


Balance your basics
Muladhara illustration





Svadhistana fields include orange, triangle, pleasure,…


Here it is:

Balance your pleasue drive
Svadhistana card


to be continued …









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