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Do you see it? We call it poskok in Dalmatia, because it “jumps” from the trees and falls on you.  Despite its reputation, this species is generally lethargic, not at all aggressive, and tends not to bite without considerable provocation. If surprised, wild specimens may react in a number of different ways. Some remain motionless and hiss loudly, some hiss and then flee, while still others will attempt to bite immediately.

Poskok or vipera ammodytesis the most dangerous snake to be found in Europe, due to its large size, long fangs (up to 13 mm) and high venom toxicity. In some areas it is at least a significant medical risk; in the past fatalities were relatively frequent in the Balkans because the peasants here had a habit of walking barefoot.

In this season poskok is “sleeping” – hibernates in the winter for a period of 2 to 6 months.


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